Orthopedic Shoes

Shoes are the foundation that support the entire weight of the human body, so it’s very important to wear well-made shoes. A comfortable and properly fitted pair of orthopedic shoes is probably the most important measure a person can take to prevent injury to or pain in their feet or ankles. Active Foot Care Clinic and Orthotic Centre offers premium quality orthopedic shoes to fit almost every pair of feet in Hamilton, Dundas, Simcoe, Jarvis, Flamborough, Burlington, Grimsby, Woodstock, Port Dover, Caledonia, Cambridge, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Oakville, Paris, Cayuga, Milton and Brantford, at affordable prices. All of our specially trained staff are orthopedic shoe fit certified, and they will fit your orthopedic shoes to match your exact foot or ankle condition. We can also modify your orthopedic shoes onsite, and will ensure that insurance paperwork is provided to clients who qualify. Our orthopedic shoes are available in three different styles:

Off-the-shelf orthopedic shoes

We carry a variety of orthopedic shoe brands that are ready-to-wear:

  • Drew Shoes
  • Dr. Comfort
  • Asics
  • Terra Safety Boots
  • New Balance
  • Apex
Modified orthopedic shoes

We are capable of modifying just about any pair of shoes for a perfect orthopedic shoe fit! We can add, take away or adjust the following shoe features, to turn them into orthopedic shoes:

  • Posting / wedging
  • Rocker sole
  • Solid ankle cushion heel (SACH)
  • Scaphoid pad / arch cookie
  • Shuffle plate
  • Sole bar
  • Sole lift
  • Buttresses
  • Leather or fabric closures
  • External metatarsal bar
  • Flare
  • Internal heel lift
  • Thomas heel
  • Toe splint
Custom orthopedic shoes

Active Foot Care Clinic and Orthotic Centre in Hamilton, Ontario specializes in manufacturing custom orthopedic shoes to address the specific needs of individuals with structural foot deformities, mechanical or congenital deficiencies of the feet and lower leg, or system conditions including arthritis and diabetes.

Walk in to Active Foot Care Clinic and Orthotic Centre’s Hamilton location to check out our fashionable orthopedic shoes, and walk out in absolute comfort! To learn more about our orthopedic shoes, please connect with us today.

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