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Bunion Pain

Bunions are bony humps that form at the base of the big toe, causing it to deviate toward the other toes, and a great deal of pain due to inflammation and friction against the inside of the sufferer’s shoe. Otherwise known as hallux valgus, bunions can become more irritated when the big toe is flexed or extended. Bunion pain can really slow a person down, so Active Foot Care Clinic and Orthotic Centre provides a variety of products and services to clients in Hamilton, Simcoe, Milton, Brantford, Ancaster, Grimsby, Flamborough, Jarvis, Stoney Creek, Cambridge, Burlington, Dundas, Woodstock, Port Dover, Caledonia, Cayuga, Oakville and Paris to help alleviate even the worst bunion pain and pressure:


An effective treatment of bunions, orthotics treat pain and inflammation by stabilizing the joint, and placing the foot in the correct position for standing and walking. Our custom orthotics, sport orthotics and pediatric orthotics are available in a variety of materials, designs, styles, shapes and corrections to effectively treat your bunion pain.

Orthopedic shoes

Wearing tight, narrow shoes may cause bunions, or cause existing bunions to worsen. Our carefully fitted orthopedic shoes are designed to accommodate bunions, deter their growth, and lessen bunion pain.

Corn & callus removal

Corns and calluses can form over bunions due to persistent rubbing against the inside of footwear. Removing corns and calluses, and smoothing the thickened skin, helps to decrease bunion pain.

Protective padding

Made mostly from felt, protective padding eliminates bunion friction against shoes, helps alleviate skin inflammation, and minimizes bunion pain.

Night splints

Designed to help the toes and joint align properly, night splints are commonly recommended for adolescents who experience bunion pain, as pediatric bone development may still be adaptable.

Strengthening & stretching

Resistance and stretching exercises will maintain joint mobility, prevent stiffness or arthritis, and address bunion pain.

Surgical treatment

A bunionectomy may be required to remove the bunion, thus eliminating bunion pain, and realigning the toe. For such an option, our chiropodists / footcare specialists would provide a referral for an orthopedic surgeon.

For more information on how Active Foot Care Clinic and Orthotic Centre’s bunion treatment options can decrease or eliminate your bunion pain, please get in touch with our Hamilton team of ankle and foot symptom specialists!

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