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Arthritis is inflammation of a joint, and involves damage to the cartilage and articulating surfaces of said joint. Arthritis is caused by trauma / injury, abnormal metabolism, genetic makeup, infections and immune system dysfunction, and its symptoms include pain, stiffness, swelling and decreased joint mobility. Common forms of arthritis include fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout, all of which can affect the ankles or feet. The professional chiropodists / foot care specialists at Active Foot Care Clinic and Orthotic Centre’s Hamilton location offer a range of products and services to reduce symptoms caused by foot or ankle arthritis:


Our sport orthotics, pediatric orthotics and custom orthotics help to immobilize joints and improve the alignment and function of the feet with each step. They are available in a variety of designs, styles, shapes, corrections and materials to treat foot or ankle arthritis symptoms.

Orthopedic shoes

Appropriate indoor and outdoor footwear plays an important role in lowering the symptoms of arthritis in feet and ankles. At Active Foot Care Clinic and Orthotic Centre, our team can assist you in selecting the most adequate and tailor-made orthopedic shoes for your feet.

Foot sleeves & ankle braces

Wearing an ankle brace to support and immobilize the joint, or a foot sleeve to provide compression to help reduce swelling and inflammation, are both good choices in treating the symptoms of ankle and foot arthritis.

To learn more about the many fine products that Active Foot Care Clinic and Orthotic Centre offers to patients in Hamilton, Grimsby, Cayuga, Oakville, Paris, Flamborough, Jarvis, Stoney Creek, Cambridge, Simcoe, Milton, Brantford, Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, Woodstock, Port Dover and Caledonia for their foot and ankle arthritis, please contact us.

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